Maui, Hawaii: Luau fire dance

Nowhere on the face of the Earth do human beings feel more physically comfortable than in Hawaii and a happy body almost always mean a happy mind and spirit! Cooling trade winds, low humidity, high pressure, clear sunny days, and almost no industrial pollution combine to make Hawaii the most healthful spot in the US.


Maui is named after a demigod revered by the Polynesians, and most say if you can only go to one island, this is the one where you will be guaranteed the most sunshine. Maui has more miles of swimmable beach and its landmark, mountain Haleakala, is the largest dormant volcano in the world raising 30,000 feet from the ocean floor. A visit to its top by auto, tour bus, or bicycle tour operator will make you feel like you’ve left the planet. It’s another world: beautiful, mystical, raw, inspired and freezing cold before the sun rises.

If you are in Maui from late November to early May you have an excellent chance of spotting a humpback whale which migrates from coastal Alaska to give birth to a single 2,000 pound calf. From shore you can view whales with a good set of binoculars anywhere along the south coast, but an afternoon boat tour from the old whaling village of Lahaina is your most rewarding option as your guide brings you close to these amazing “singing” sea giants as they breach (jump clear of the water), or slap their flukes (tails).

Each resort property showcases its vista of paradise, but daytrips to circle the island will be the most rewarding. If time permits, rent a car or at the least hire a driver/guide or treat yourself to a helicopter tour. Get out and take a hike in Haleakala or one of the 10 state parks on Maui. Pack a lunch to include fresh island fruit, or try Maui specialty fish, or beef from Maui ranches and fresh vegetables from Kula. For the adventuresome, book a bike tour which allows you to “coast” from the top of Haleakala to sea level to deep your tires into the ocean all in a matter of a few hours of excitement.

The famous Maui Luau

Your travel agent can reserve a luau experience which meets your island schedule. Each venue offers a slightly different menu of food and activities with abundant buffets, music, tropical cocktails, and authentic historic hula shows.

Linda Meadors

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