Seoul Searching: Discover the Best Parts of South Korea’s Capital in 2024

Seoul, the pulsating heart of South Korea, stands as a sign of modernity and tradition, making it a must-visit destination in 2024. From its towering skyscrapers and busy streets to its serene palaces and temples, Seoul offers a combination of new and old that fascinates travelers from around the globe. Here’s why Seoul is your […]

Beyond the Guidebooks: Navigating Globus Tours Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1: TOURING. BEYOND. For those who are looking for every way in the world to see the world, Globus offers a ticket to AWESOME. From the classic tours that made us famous to new, passion-packed “choice” vacations; independent and private tours to off-season and off-the-beaten-path journeys, Globus has a travel style and itinerary to […]

Save on All-Inclusive Luxury in France with Uniworld

You can’t go wrong with a trip to France, this country delights everyone. From its delectable cuisine—the bread, the cheeses, the wine! —to its grand boulevards and high fashion or even the beautiful simplicity of village life. It’s hard to pin down what makes France so special, partly because it’s made up of several regions […]

Honoring Teachers with Norwegian Cruise Line’s Exclusive Teacher Discounts

Teachers – Embark on a journey of relaxation and exploration, courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Exclusive Teacher Discounts! A teacher’s drive and dedication to their students is unparalleled. The difficult but rewarding life of a teacher should be recognized and commended – and what better way to do so than a discounted cruise. Teachers often have […]

Reasons to Visit Louisville, Kentucky

We have just returned from our Annual Conference in Louisville and have discovered a newfound love for the city, state, and its people. It would only be apropos of us to highlight the city’s offerings and make It known why we chose Louisville as our host! Louisville, Kentucky, often hailed as the gateway to the […]

Top Destinations for Cultural Immersion

Immersing yourself in a new culture is one of the most enriching experiences travel can offer. Here are some of the best destinations around the world that provide deep cultural immersion, allowing travelers to connect with local traditions, arts, cuisine, and people on a meaningful level: Kyoto, Japan Known as the cultural heart of Japan, […]

Top 5 Babymoon Destinations Around the World

A babymoon is a wonderful opportunity for expecting parents to relax and enjoy some peaceful moments together before their new family member arrives. Choosing the perfect destination can make this experience even more special. Here are five popular babymoon destinations known for their serene beauty, comfort, and amenities that cater to soon-to-be parents. Banff, Canada […]

Welcome to the Hotel RIU Palace Aquarelle

Introducing the new five star, all-inclusive Jamaican Resort opening in 2024! The new Hotel Riu Palace Aquarelle, located on the seafront at White Bay Beach in the historic town of Falmouth, offers not only a carefree, unforgettable holiday by the sea, but excellent 24-hour, all-inclusive service. So tell your family, partner, or good friends to pack their […]

7 Top Destinations for 2024 Rail Vacations

Embark on unforgettable rail vacations in 2024 with Railbookers, exploring top destinations around the world. Italy Italy is an ideal destination to explore by train. Hop aboard the iconic high-speed trains, such as the Frecciarossa, and traverse the picturesque countryside as you make your way from the romantic canals of Venice to the ancient ruins […]

Why to Embark to Alaska on a Voyage of the Glaciers Cruise

On an Alaska cruise, unpack once and explore glaciers, wildlife and national parks. Sail 500 miles deeper into the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound on our top-rated Voyage of the Glaciers Alaska cruise. Spend seven days traveling from Anchorage (Whittier) to Vancouver, B.C., stopping in historic port cities like Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. […]