Exotic Islands of Tahiti Neelie Kruse, CTC, Owner, Cary Travel Express For years my travel bucket list included a visit to the magical destination of Tahiti and the spectacular over the water bungalows in Bora Bora. Located in the Pacific Ocean the destination of Tahiti is one of the most exotic and favored destinations of all time. I had the pleasure of celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary on these islands of paradise and our experience was nothing short of magical! The experience and beauty was far more beautiful than photographs can relate. Our itinerary included visiting three of the 118 islands that make up the Tahiti Islands. My husband and I visited the islands of Tahiti, Morea and Bora Bora also known as the Society Islands. After an eight hour flight from Los Angeles we arrived at Papeete for a two night stay before flying to Moorea. Our stay in Papeete, a larger city was highlighted by shopping in local markets and pearl shops, snorkeling, a helicopter tour of waterfalls and a safari jeep drive through the lush landscape. If we had more time we could have had even more adventure with deep seas fishing, hiking, wind surfing and many other water sports! Generally speaking, this city is most known as the hub for international flights and connections to the other islands so we were ready to island hop top our next stop: Moorea. Moorea is an island for adventure and water fun. This island paradise contains eight breath taking mountain ridges that are perfect for exploring on a jeep island tour. On our tour we were saw majestic views while on the Monoi Road. From the top of the mountain ridge we could view Cook’s Bay named after famous Captain Cook. As I am little afraid of heights and driving off terrain, the road tour was a test of my nerves! However I so appreciated seeing the lush landscape and beautiful views from atop the ridge. Water sports and activities abound on this island as we also participated in feeding gentle sting rays and small Nurse Sharks, snorkeling and jet skiing. Plenty of adventure for those who want to stay active and of course relaxation with a good book for those who need a little R & R. Excellent restaurants abound on Moorea. Fresh caught local fish can be found at almost any restaurant. If you prefer a dish other than fish, you would be delighted with any of the other romantic and open air restaurants that feature French, Italian or Tahitian cuisine. We attended a traditional Tahitian dinner and dance show at Tiki Village. Local cuisine and folk customs were the highlights of our night at the ceremonial event. Bora Bora was the island we stayed at the end of our special anniversary trip. We definitely saved the BEST for last! Bora Bora is an island of romance and known for the iconic over the water bungalows. I would definitely agree that Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world! Deep velvet blue water surrounds the reefs while softer hues of turquoise color the lagoons that lie between the main island and the barrier reef. Over the water bungalows originated in Bora Bora over 50 years ago. Staying in this paradise accommodation is what Tahiti and this island are all about! We were escorted to our private bungalow over the water with a spectacular view of the main island and Mount Otemanu. Our private living space was spacious with a living area, large spa bathroom and deluxe sleeping area. Our island accommodation was complete with a glass topped coffee table where we could view the crystal clear turquoise water and marine life below us. For activities on Bora Bora, we spent our days on different water type excursions to include: jet skiing around the island, outrigger boat ride with local guides and a picnic lunch, snorkeling, kayaking and simply enjoying the beautiful waters. We went to the mainland of Bora Bora via a shuttle boat ride for wonderful boutique shopping of Tahitian pearls and to dine at the famous Bloody Mary’s. All of these are highlights to include on any person’s vacation to Bora Bora. Tahiti is an ideal destination for any milestone celebration of an anniversary or honeymoon! The romance, adventure and exoticness make this a true paradise! Another way to discover the islands is to cruise thru Tahiti. We loved our time spent here that we are planning on returning this March and sail around the Tahitian Islands on Paul Gauguin. This once in a lifetime cruise will include some new islands for us as we are excited to visit Taha’a and Huahine and revisit Moorea, Tahiti and BORA BORA! We are personally escorting a group to one of our Favorite destinations. NOW is a great time to travel and check those “dream” destinations off your travel bucket list!!