Among the world’s famous rail journeys is Rocky Mountaineer in western Canada. I have done train travel before in the U.S. and in Europe but Rocky Mountaineer is not a mode of transportation. I had a one-of-a-kind experience that will be among the highlights of my travels.

The double-decker, GoldLeaf, glass-dome rail car is spacious with wide aisles, more leg room than the first class cabin of an airplane, heated reclining leather seats with foot rests, and electric outlets located in each row. Large tray tables pull out of the armrest, used to set down drinks and snacks while meals are served in the dining room on the lower deck. 

Multi-course meals prepared by chefs traveling along with you, are served by very attentive staff who are much more than servers. They are storytellers, historians, guides whose commentary is sprinkled with humor throughout. The staff is gracious, welcoming, formal and relaxed all at the same time. 

Breakfast and lunch featured fresh-baked breads and pastries, regional dishes, satisfying portion sizes, lighter options and special treats creatively presented and accompanied by British Columbia wines. Snacks and beverages were served throughout the day. Mornings featured scones with strawberry jam and butter with a cup of blended English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas while afternoons featured a cheese board and wine pairing.

The glass-dome rail cars provide vistas that are beyond spectacular as the train glides through the forests providing views of towering pines just above my head. As a person who loves the outdoors, this made the journey that much more special.

There are so many wonderful sights all over the world, but I think western Canada from Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies is one of the best. Rocky Mountaineer travels through the temperate rainforests of British Columbia, through fertile valleys and by lush vineyards and fruit orchards, that supply Vancouver’s restaurants with locally-grown produce.

There is a feeling of calm being surrounded by unspoiled nature, while listening to soft jazz and light classical music, and sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Traveling on Rocky Mountaineer is quite a privilege and one in which I hope to do again in the future.

John Werner

As a 45 year veteran of the travel industry and the President of MAST Travel Network since 2002, John’s career has included 14 years as a travel agency owner. He has served in various capacities on the Board of the Midwest Chapter of ASTA including Treasurer and Vice President. John has also held several positions on the Board of Directors for MAST including Vice Chairman and Board Chairman during the years he owned Travel Group International, a MAST member during the 1990s.