Are the kids bored with “nothing to do”? Spend the day at your favorite theme park, ride a roller coaster and see a character parade, or even visit animals from around the world. Explore the links below to virtually visit Disney parks, Universal Studios, the San Diego Zoo and more! 

*videos are courtesy of YouTube visitors, not park certified

The Frozen Ever After Ride:
Walt Disney World Epcot,
Orlando, Florida

Do you want to build a snowman? Avoid the lines while visiting Arendelle and hop aboard your boat to Elsa’s ice palace. See your favorite characters including Olaf, Anna, Sven, and more on this enchanting adventure! 

Peter Pan’s Flying Ride: Disneyland, California 

Take the second star to the right and straight on till morning with Peter Pan! Soar through the skies on your own flying pirate ship as you arrive in Neverland. See the epic battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook, marvel at the Mermaids as you pass by, and discover treasure with the Lost Boys. Only to return home with Wendy, John, and Michael before morning. 

Ratatouille L’Advneture Totalement Touquee de Remy: Disneyland, Paris

See the world from a rat’s eye view as you soar through magical Paris. Watch Remy decide on his next dish and dive head first into a bustling French kitchen. Escape chef Skinner with the help of Alfredo Linquini and prepare the next critically acclaimed feast. 

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey: Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Florida

Muggles and magical folks rejoice! Hop on your broomstick as you enter the world of Harry Potter. Fly through Hogwarts as you battle Hagrid’s dragon, passed the Forbidden Forest, and onto the Quidditch Pitch. Try your hand at catching the snitch as you battle off Dementors. Expecto Patronum! 

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Ride: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

Take your position on the Millennium Falcon, each ride includes 2 pilots, 2 gunners, and 2 engineers. Fly to the planet Corellia with your team on this totally realistic 4k experience. Battle your way through space on your mission to collect the Coaxium. Achieve the first order and make Chewie proud! 

Indiana Jones Adventure’s Thrill Ride: Disneyland, California 

Calling all explorers! Get onboard this fast-paced thrill ride as your destiny awaits. Let Indiana Jones lead you through dangers at every turn on your quest through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, through booby traps, passed dangerous snakes, insects, and mummies. Arrive safely back in the park thanks to the experience of Dr. Jones. 

Jurassic World Ride: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Florida 

Go back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the world. Come face-to-face with Colossal Indominus Rex, the aquatic Mosasaurus, Velociraptors, and more! This boat journey will have you traversing the magical world of Jurassic Park. Enter predator cove, see a baby stegosaurus, and splash through the rapids of this thrilling ride. 

Disneyland Park Parade, Magic Happens: Disneyland, California

Calling all dreamers, celebrate Disney’s most beloved characters during this fun-filled parade for the whole family. See Mickey, Moana, Coco and more from the best seat in the house. Sing along to your favorite songs from these recent Disney classics. 

San Diego Zoo, California 

Spend a virtual day at the zoo and see live feeds of animals from around the world. Watch the baboons play, follow the penguins on an adventure, and experience the day in the life of an elephant. Switch between live cam footage of Giraffes, rhinos, tigers, polar bears, and koalas. Check out pre-recorded footage of pandas and even see a new baby ape through the Ape Cam. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California 

It’s time to dive into a fun-filled day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Check out the Penguin live cam, follow the active sea otters as they swim and play, and marvel at the glowing moon jellyfish. You can even take your adventure outside the Aquarium and search for sea-life in Monterey Bay. 

The National Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland 

Tune in to these livestreams and enjoy the tranquil water-life of these three popular exhibits from home: Pacific Coral ReefBlacktip Reef and Jellies Invasion. Gaze at clown fish, see a sea anemone, watch as a colorful array of sea animals swim past your screen, and become hypnotized by the peaceful movements of the jellyfish. 

Amber Zakem

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