Travel complaints about long flight delays and sub-standard accommodation used to be absolutely justified with the busy lives we lead but after being locked down at home for months, we’ve all gained some perspective on the things we used to whine about when it comes to venturing out into the world. In fact, there are a few things about traveling we’ll do our best to never again complain about once this is all over! Check out our list of travel complaints we aren’t likely to complain about again. 

10. “The Cocktails are Overpriced”

As long as we’re sipping drinks with our friends in the sunshine, we don’t care to drop a few more bucks!

9. “Too Many Tourists”

If you can’t beat em, join em! Tourist or local, grab your camera and fedora and never stop exploring even your own backyard!

8. “I Put on a Few Vacation Pounds”

Vacation-3 over “quarantine-15” any day! Summer bod is postponed to 2021 anyway!

7. “The Beach was Too Sandy”

Sandy hair, don’t care! The beach will play a vital role in our rejuvenation when this is all over. I think we’re all due for a feet buffer!

6. “We Had to Wait in Line”

I think we’ve all just about finished Netflix…a little people watching instead would do some good! Also, don’t forget you can skip the lines right now with our hand-picked list of virtual travel tours.

5. “Too Many Kids in the Pool”

Come one, come all! Once restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to gather again, party in the pool and everyone’s invited…kiddy section is over there!

4. “It Rained on My Vacation”

Rain or shine…we’ll take it! Getting outdoors and a change of scenery will be most therapeutic as a post-COVID getaway!

3. “My Flight Is Delayed”

We’ve already waited three months…what’s a few more hours! We’ve saved you a seat at the airport bar!

2. “The Foreign Sun was Too Hot”

We’ve been stuck inside for too long, we’re ready to lather up those pasty legs and transform into bronze goddesses. 

1. “I Can’t Decide What to Pack”

From sweatpants ambassadors to fashionistas! Leave those quarantine clothes behind, it’s time to bust out your Sunday best on your next trip…as long as it still fits!

Stephanie Werner

Stephanie grew up in the travel industry with both her mother and father in the business. A graduate of Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, with a degree in Communications, Stephanie started her career in Inside Sales with Mayflower Tours. In 2014, Stephanie was hired by MAST Travel Network in an administrative position. After taking on a few different roles throughout the company in the graphic design, marketing, and communications areas, she has been promoted to Director of Membership & Business Development since then. Stephanie is a member of Midwest ASTA's Board of Directors, participates in ASTA Headquarter's Consortia Committee and Young Professionals Society, and sits as Committee Co-Chair for the JV Program, an organization for MAST affiliated travel professionals under the age of 40.