Christmas in Toronto, CA the filming location of the popular film The Santa Clause

Let some of your favorite Christmas movies transport you to destinations around the globe. Whether you are looking for travel inspiration or want to let these films make you feel like you’re on vacation, this list is for you. Check out the holiday movie locations below and start thinking about your next trip with these holiday movie destinations.

Holiday Movie Locations to Visit

Check out our list of the most famous holiday movie filming locations you can visit!

1. Christmas Lodge

Hallmark Christmas movie locations have become a cult favorite all on their own. One such movie, the Christmas Lodge, is set in Homestead, Iowa, however it was actually filmed in Dahlonega, Georgia (USA). This obsessed and picturesque Christmas town would be a great travel location for someone looking for the Hallmark Christmas Movie setting, in a socially distanced destination.

2. The Santa Clause

One of the 1990s classic Christmas movies, the Santa Clause is a family favorite following Tim Allen’s character Scott Calvin on his journey to become Santa. The Santa Clause filming locations were set in the greater Toronto area. Canada is a great winter option for those who love snow and wintertime magic.

3. Jingle all the Way

A movie that resonates with every parent who has ever waited until the last minute to find the must-have toy of the year. Follow Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rita Wilson through the Hijinx of the holidays set in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Much of the film highlights the world-famous Mall of America and various settings in the twin-cities. Looking to find a great travel location in the Midwest, consider this Minnesota metropolis.

4. The Holiday

Where would you rather spend the holidays—sunny Los Angeles, or snow-covered picturesque Surrey, England? Lucky for you, by watching The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, you won’t have to choose. These two great travel destinations are awesome ideas for future holiday travel plans. Maybe you want to live the sun-drenched Hollywood life, or you prefer cozying up in a cottage in the English countryside. Either way both destinations offer travelers excellent experiences uniquely their own. 

5. Bad Santa

Bad Santa is not your traditional holiday movie, although for the mature viewer and California lover, this holiday flick can give some good travel inspiration. Be entertained by Billy Bob Thornton and Lauren Graham as you see the sites of Long Beach and the West Hills of Los Angeles. As you can see from this list, L.A. may not be snow covered, but it can make a great holiday getaway location.

6. Holiday in the Wild

Holiday in the Wild was released in 2019, and although not one of your classic holiday favorites, this heartwarming tale will make you add this to your annual Christmas movie watch list. Set in Zambia, Kate, played by Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis, sets off on a journey to find herself at an Elephant sanctuary. Played opposite Robe Lowe, Kate takes viewers on a warm and fuzzy adventure as she learns about Zambia, elephant conservation, and the true meaning of Christmas. 

7. Christmas Vacation 

Although the setting of Christmas Vacation is supposed to be in the Chicago suburbs, the movie was actually filmed partially in L.A. and Colorado. The film gives a Midwest traditional holiday vibe, with sweeping views that can only be attributed to the beautiful Colorado landscape. Whether you are hunkering down outside of Chicago, planning on hitting the slopes in Colorado, or are seeking the sun in L.A. Christmas vacation will give you the holiday warm and fuzzies wherever you may be. 

8. Holiday in the Sun

For anyone who grew up watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies, Holiday in the Sun is a true classic. Set at the famous Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas, this movie will have you flying south for the winter. Take a ride down the racing waterslides, head out on a jet ski, or just chill by the pool, whatever your mood, Christmas in the Bahamas will be like no other. 

9. Joyeux Noel

This foreign holiday film is set in France during World War 1. Not your traditional Christmas movie, however the message of unity and coming together as friends and not enemies during the holidays is inspirational. History lovers will enjoy this Golden Globe nominated film that brings France’s and all of Europe’s history alive. 

10. The Family Stone

The Family Stone is a heartwarming tale with a star-studded cast. Set in picturesque Greenwich, Connecticut, the Stone family provides humor, drama, a touch of shock, and what the holidays are truly about—family togetherness. Let this gorgeous snowy setting transport you to the east coast of the United States and have you considering renting a cabin in the woods. 

Bottom Line On The Best Holiday Destination Movies

Whether you are looking to cozy up with a good book and watch a holiday movie, or you want to get inspiration from holiday movie destinations, the world is your oyster this holiday season. Even if you won’t be traveling this year, now is a great time to consider your plan for next year’s holiday travel.  

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