You may have just heard the last bell ring until August and are thinking, “What am I going to do for the next two months?” In this guide, you will find destination ideas for your well-deserved summer break based on your teaching/traveling style. It has been designed to inspire you to make the most of every moment of your vacation, so take chances and embrace Summer 2023! 

The Teacher Seeking Adventure

Yellowstone National Park

After having your head down molding young minds, exploring the natural wonders of national parks can be a great chance to appreciate an outdoor adventure. Parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or Acadia National Park offer breathtaking landscapes, hiking trails, wildlife encounters, and opportunities to connect with nature. 

When visiting these locations it’s important to pack the necessities. I have created a short list for hiking essentials based on personal experience!

  1. Collapsible Water Bottle with Hook:
  2. Hiking boots: Women’s / Men’s
  3. Lightweight Hiking Backpack:
  4. Blister prevention:

These items in addition to your favorite snacks and a comfortable outfit will have you feeling like you could last out in the wilderness for days!

You might also consider traveling to more off-the-beaten-path destinations like Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco, or Vietnam, which offer unique cultural experiences, stunning landscapes, and immersive encounters. Given the timing, perhaps these locations might be more fit for Summer 2024!

The Teacher Longing for Relaxation

You’ve been working hard and deserve to unwind before the next academic year. Destinations like Hawaii, Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the Caribbean islands, or coastal regions in the United States offer opportunities to soak up the sun, enjoy water activities, and rejuvenate by the sea. 

Perhaps you want to spend some time on the water. Ocean cruises can transport you to new locations all while you are enjoying some much-needed pampering and relaxation. In fact, Norwegian Cruise Line is celebrating teachers and their classroom dedication by providing 20 free cruises. Send this link to your colleagues and loved ones so they can nominate you for a 7-day voyage! 

In addition to Norwegian, Holland America Line is also celebrating teachers with a $100 onboard credit voucher for a variety of sailings from ancient European ruins to the rugged wilderness of Denali!

Always be sure to check for teacher discounts when traveling, and definitely let your travel advisor know your profession!

The History Buff Teacher

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

You may be seeking cultural immersion and exploration, cities like New York, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, or Barcelona provide a wealth of museums, historical landmarks, culinary experiences, and vibrant city life. These destinations offer opportunities to delve into art, history, cuisine, and unique local traditions. 

You’ll want to explore each of these locations with an experienced tour guide to really get the full experience. Chances are, they have more fun facts and insider knowledge than Google!

The Artsy Teacher

Asheville, NC – Sculptures by Gary Aslum of a banjoist and fiddler stand outside the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium and pay tribute to the culture of Appalachian folk music.

Teachers who have a passion for art have several fantastic destinations to consider. If you find yourself gravitating towards art museums, festivals and craft fairs while traveling, Asheville, North Carolina might suit you! I frequented Asheville every year growing up and experienced more art, character and culture as a child than I realized until my earlier adult years. This location is perfect for family travel and visiting solo!

The vibrant art scene of New York City makes it a dream destination for art-loving teachers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and the Guggenheim Museum showcase a diverse range of artworks. Additionally, exploring the galleries of Chelsea and the street art in neighborhoods like Bushwick can provide an immersive artistic experience.  

Paris is a haven for art lovers as well. The Louvre Museum, home to the iconic Mona Lisa, along with the Musée d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou, showcase an incredible range of masterpieces!

Now that I’ve got you thinking…

Will you stay local or take your summer international?  

Schools out, travel is in – let summer commence and memories form! 

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