As we plan new journeys and seek thrilling experiences, one thing remains constant: the need for reliable travel essentials. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a novice explorer, Amazon has become a treasure trove of must-have items that enhance our travel experiences. From ingenious gadgets that simplify our packing pains to innovative gear that elevates our adventures, this blog is your guide to discovering the top travel essentials available on Amazon. In addition to great finds on this site, it is also Prime Day! If you have an Amazon Prime account, you will receive exclusive deals on top brands for two days straight, July 11-12.

Self-Care Essentials

Packing self-care items when traveling may seem like an additional task on your already extensive packing list. However, taking the time to include self-care essentials can greatly enhance your travel experience and overall well-being. Traveling often entails long flights, hectic itineraries, and unfamiliar environments, all of which can leave us feeling stressed, fatigued, or disconnected from our usual routines. By packing self-care items, you create an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the chaos of travel.

Flight Mode Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

This face mask is for all types of skin providing deep hydration with Vitamin E, cucumber and aloe vera. You’ll want this self-care item for your next plane ride, so you can arrive to your destination feeling refreshed with your skin hydrated! 

Eye Patches

#1 Best Seller and discounted! These are the perfect addition to your skincare routine if you wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles. Eye patches are cooling and essential to feeling awake, refreshed and youthful!

Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle with Straw

We recommend to stop paying $5 for a bottle of water every time you’re in an airport. This filtered water bottle will help you stay hydrated by drinking clean water, wherever you can find it!

Packing Recommendations

Rockland Softside 3-Piece Luggage Set

When searching for luggage, you ultimately need positive consumer ratings. This 4.4 star 3-piece luggage set has impressed many buyers including MAST’s very own, Mary Clegg. Luggage sets are essential for keeping track of your checked baggage and this one is an AMAZING steal this prime day. Originally $300, this set is priced for $70.40. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, here’s your sign!

TravelPro Runway 2-Piece Luggage Set

If you’re just looking for a Carry-on/Check-in set, we highly recommend this as an alternative as well. Keep the size as is or expand the bag for longer stays! The 4-wheel spinner provides 360 degree rotation to maneuver easily heading straight for the exit or your connecting flight.

Gym/Travel Weekender Bag with USB Charging Port with Shoe Compartment

You’ve probably seen this bag before, but if you haven’t prepare to be amazed! This bag is comparable to Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. It seems as though the space in this bag is infinite! Whether you’re using it for traveling long distances or going on short trips in a plane, it will fit underneath the seat in front of you. If you’re looking for a new bag and not wanting to pay for a carry-on for your next trip, this bag is it.

Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Every traveler needs a durable backpack and this one happens for be 40% off! This bag comes in 24 different colors and has multiple straps and pockets to ensure your belongings are kept safe.

Waterproof Sling Crossbody Bag

Currently 53% off, this adjustable bag comes in 4 additional colors other than black, is machine washable and a great purchase to hold small items while on an excursion, a long walk or just out for the day wandering your destination!

Luggage Tags

Whether you’re flying alone or are in charge of a family, this pack of color coded luggage tags, can be useful for the various items you travel with. These bright colors are eye-catching and perfect for easy identification, especially when you’re at baggage claim. Thick and durable, these tags are a perfect summer gift for a fall traveler!

Packing Cubes

If you don’t have packing cubes, you are missing out on an organized suitcase! Packing cube sets are perfect for packing by garments or outfits and remove the headache of sifting through your bag to plan your outfit for the day. Not to mention, when you pack using cubes you are able to pack more by minimizing the space inside your suitcase since your garments are zipped up!

Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag is an indispensable travel companion that brings convenience and organization to your journeys. With its compact design and multiple compartments, this toiletry bag keeps your essential personal care items neatly organized and easily accessible. No more rummaging through your suitcase to find a toothbrush or fumbling with leaky bottles in your luggage. This bag allows you to have all your toiletries in one designated place, ensuring hassle-free access to items like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, skincare products, and more. Additionally, it provides a convenient solution for complying with airline carry-on restrictions, as you can easily separate and present your toiletries during security checks.

Portable Handheld Steamer for Clothes

This fast and efficient steamer is foldable and perfect for small suitcases and quick trips. It heats up in just 20 seconds and can offer 10 minutes of continuous steaming.

Portable Handheld Steamer for Clothes with Dual Voltage Switch for International Travel

Small in size (1.67 lbs) and big in power (1200 watts), this steamer is the minty green addition you need in your suitcase! When traveling internationally, you’ll need to change the voltage of your plug-in items and this one does the trick with the flip of a switch. Look no further, we’ve tested this one out.

Tech Items

3 in 1 Charging Station

Charge all of your travel necessities with one cord that is easy to pack and keep track of. Gone are the days of unraveling intertwined cords for your phone, headphones and watch. This 3 in 1 charging dock makes having fully juiced devices and staying connected easy!

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Portable Charger

This might be a given, but wherever you are traveling, you NEED a portable charger. For safety, navigation, and communication, your phone should always be charged! Compatible with iPhone 14, 13, and 12, but provides safe and reliable wireless charging on-the-go. This one is simply the best for Apple iPhone users.

Portable Charger

If you are in search of a portable charger for all devices, this is a #1 Best Seller that is currently 30% off! With over 87,000 ratings, this will be your best option!

Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone with Extendable Selfie Stick and Tripod

This is a staple for travelers who love to document their travels and experiences! Adjustable to hold any size smart phone, this gadget acts as a tripod, selfie stick and video stabilizer making filming videos smooth and easy.

Polaroid Camera

Unlike digital photos that often end up lost in the cloud or buried in folders on your device, Polaroid instant prints provide an instant gratification of holding a physical photo in your hands. This not only sparks a sense of joy and excitement but also allows you to share memories with fellow travelers or even locals you meet along the way. Additionally, Polaroid cameras encourage you to be more selective with your shots, as each one is precious and limited. This leads to a more intentional and mindful approach to photography, where you focus on capturing the essence and beauty of the moment rather than aimlessly snapping away!

Portable Neck Fan

This portable neck fan has 3 different speed settings, with low-noise to spare your ears and those around you. Instead of holding a hand fan blowing directly at your face, this fan cools your neck and is directed upwards all while being hands-free!

Sleep Bluetooth Headphones and Wireless Earbuds

Reduce noise and enjoy sleep during travel or meditation in addition to helping with insomnia. With 1-2 hour charge time and 10 hour play time, this sleeper headphone mask is a great purchase for traveling comfortably and staying relaxed during the duration of your trip.

Apple Air Tag 4/pk or 1/pk

Keep track and find your items alongside your devices and friends in the “Find My Friends” App of your iPhone or iPad! Toss into a side pocket and make sure your checked bags arrive to your destination and if unfortunately for some reason they don’t, you will be able to know their exact location.

Luggage Tracker

If you are not an iPhone or iPad owner, these luggage trackers work just the same. Attach them to your keychain or add to a bag and find their location at an instance!

Travel Power Strip with 4 Outlets and 3 USB Ports with 4ft of Extension

Currently 15% off and small in size, this strip is useful for personal or work traveling. With no surge protection, you’ll want to add this to your cruise ship travel essentials.

European Travel Adapter Plug

If you are traveling to Europe any time soon, you simply need this universal travel adapter! The adapter can be used for hair appliances, shavers, toothbrushes, smart phones etc and has the ability to charge 6 devices at once.

Traveling with Family

3 Piece Suction Cup Spinner Toys

Are you in search of toys that will keep your little ones occupied during a long car or plane ride? These suction cup toys can stick to a car window, airplane tray, bathtub, just about any surface. These toys are also a fantastic development toy option for every day use – BONUS!

Car Seat Travel Bag

This car seat travel bag with universal sizing, provides durable protection for your car seat on-the-go. With the ability to hold it multiple different ways, whatever or whoever you are carrying, makes this the perfect bag to easily transport your child’s safety gear!

Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Water Wow! – Reusable Activity Pads

This no-mess activity book is sure to keep your kiddos happy and busy, especially while traveling. With each book being reusable, it is guaranteed to be a go-to each time the page dries making this book a great addition to your packing list.

Ready to go?

Now that you have your packing essentials, we’ll help you plan your travel!

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