Celebrity Cruises just debuted a fourth Edge Class ship…Ascent.

From the perspective of someone who has never embarked on a Celebrity voyage, let me walk you through my highlights of the magnificent vessel.

AquaClass Staterooms 

AquaClass Staterooms are designed to provide a modern and inviting space for guests to relax in after a long day on board. One notable feature of AquaClass cabins is the Infinite Veranda, which can transform an entire room into a veranda by simply lowering the glass window with the push of a button. Something can also be said about the mattresses, if you plan on waking up early to catch a morning yoga class or guided meditation…prepare for a battle – the beds are that comfortable. 

The bathrooms in AquaClass staterooms are both modern and spacious, but I would be lying if I said my favorite feature isn’t the shower. With four different settings, including overhead rainfall, wall jets, a handheld shower head, and a waterfall option, guests can enjoy a rejuvenating shower experience. For those who appreciate luxury, a fancy shower can be the epitome of indulgence.

In addition to the well-appointed accommodations, AquaClass stateroom guests also receive exclusive benefits. This includes access to the Blu restaurant, which offers clean yet flavorful dining options. Guests also have access to the SEA Thermal Suite, a spa concierge, a complimentary fitness pass, preferential rates on AquaClass spa packages, daily in-room bottled water service, healthy room-service menu options, and a yoga mat for use on board.

Grand Plaza – The Martini Bar 

In the beating heart of the Celebrity Ascent lies the Grand Plaza – a glitzy foyer where cocktail olives are bountiful and espresso martinis are, indeed, on tap. 

As a central hub for Ascent, The Martini Bar in the Grand Plaza dawns live piano and jazz melodies by day and beats syncing with colorful LEDs by night. Tip: definitely come out to Latin Night.

No matter the flavor, the Martini Bar offers various twists (pun intended) on the classic martini, from Lychee to Rose. The flair bartenders will stun; flipping their shakers in sync and pouring liquor from new heights, making for a side of delightful entertainment as you sip your ice cold martini.

Dining – Specialty and Main

Next to the Grand Plaza lies one of Ascent’s specialty restaurants, Raw on 5; serving up seafood in an intimate setting. 

Including Raw on 5, Ascent has eight different specialty dining options, as well as eight options for main and complimentary dining. With concepts such as word regions, interactive experiences (Le Petit Chef), and more, the choices are extensive depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

Whether you crave the flavors of the aromatic Mediterranean at Cyprus, the freshness of sushi and sashimi at Raw on 5, the elevated Italian cuisine at Tuscan, or the contemporary French bistro experience at Normandie – the culinary options are extensive and cater to various preferences. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the remarkable culinary expertise onboard.


In the back of the ship, you will find Eden.

The first thing you notice will be the unique and indescribable earthy aroma. And then you will be greeted by the view. The entire space is sprawling and panoramic, with hanging vines and seating arrangements draped in velvet and leather.

The art deco features make the space feel eccentric and swanky, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

The cocktails go above and beyond in presentation; small carafes and smoke, moss and stone, flavors of apple and potent herbs that tantalize the senses and leave you wanting to return. The original sin was that they were only serving sample sizes when I was on board.

Eden also hosts live entertainment at night, including an impressive violin rendition of Take on Me.


In order to venture into Eden, one must pass though Aurora, a mystic reflective tunnel. A “digital interpretation” of the Aurora Borealis, this pathway to Eden is lined with mirrors and sculptures to mimic the northern lights.

Also, this hallway makes for a unique photo op. 

The Magic Carpet

A distinctive feature on Ascent is the well known Magic Carpet hanging off of the starboard side of the ship. The Magic Carpet is a cantilevered, floating platform that reaches heights of 13 stories above sea level and can move up and down the ship.

Enjoy a moment under the bright orange pillars as you float above a whole new world.

The Sunset Bar

Tucked away in the upper aft side of the ship, the Sunset Bar encapsulates a vibe reminiscent of a Mediterranean Tommy Bahama, with gorgeous wake views and upbeat music.

Whether it’s a pre-dinnner drink, a poolside treat, or a night-cap overlooking the open sea, the Sunset Bar will provide not only the best cocktails, but some of the best views on board.

Pools – The Solarium and Plunge Pools

If you do not want to be in the center of the action at the main pool deck, there are plenty of other favorable options.

For a touch of privacy, you can enjoy the multi-level rooftop’s plunge pools that offer stunning sea views. These infinity pools showcase Ascent’s commitment to its outward facing design, connecting guests to the ocean.

After being drenched in the sun of the West Atlantic, Ascent staff came by to deliver guava sorbet samples. Needless to say, I was feeling very pampered.

The Solarium (right) is an adults only enclosure equipped with a juice bar, pool, and jacuzzis that allows guests to unwind on a luxurious lounger while enjoying their favorite book or perfecting the art of napping. 

Fun fact: Despite being indoors, you can still get a tan in the solarium!

Oceanview Café

Oceanview Café is the typical marketplace style dining area, with a diverse array of cuisine from all around the world. International self-serve stations neighbor one another under high vaulted ceilings, creating a vibrant and bustling ambiance.

Below you can see the lunch option of shrimp ceviche served in halved coconuts.

Oceanview Café – Al Fresco Dining

Additionally, the Oceanview Café lives up to its name!

To me, the best part of cruising is waking up, perusing the breakfast selections, and then sitting on the deck and eagerly anticipating the day ahead as I sip my morning coffee. 

And yes – that is a whole dragonfruit. 

Cafe al Bacío

If you need a quick pick me up, Cafe al Bacío is your holy grail. From espresso to bite sized pastries, Cafe al Bacío is the quintessential onboard cafe experience.

In Italian, Bacío means kiss, and I could most certainly kiss whoever composed that cappuccino and passionfruit cake.

There is also a second location, Il Secondo Bacío, located in Oceanview Café.

Onboard Entertainment

In the evening, we decided to go get a glimpse at the show taking place in The Theater, and almost every seat was occupied – it was a completely full house.

I soon learned why as my astonishment grew at the exquisite vocal performances, choreography, arial arts and special effects. The sheer talent on the stage was awe inspiring.

From classics to modern hits, the thematic topics were bright and spunky, with just the right amount of edge. The show thoroughly captivated the audience, and everyone was particularly enthralled by a performer suspended from a disco ball, adding an extra element of spectacle to the experience.

Xciting Celebrations & More

Ascent hosted her very own Shine The Night Party upon sailing away from the pier in Ft. Lauderdale. The champagne was flowing, the DJ was spinning, and the guests were dancing like no one was watching. We basked in the sparkle of the crowd as the night unfolded.

With the amount of glitter, you could probably see us from outer space.

The Celebrity Ascent is truly the definition of excitement and relaxation working in harmony, and has a special draw of being an ideal cruising option for most age demographics, blending modern fun with sophistication.

Other honorable mentions of the Celebrity Ascent include easy boarding and disembarkation, the art featured onboard, overall accessibility, and a very special mention for the wonderful and accommodating staff.

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