As you begin to plan for your cold-weather vacation what to pack for a ski trip should be first on your mind. When thinking about what to bring on a ski trip our list will provide some of the essentials. Whether you are off for a weekend ski trip or spending several weeks at the mountains our guide will keep you prepped for what to take on a ski trip. 

1. Jackets

There’s nothing much more essential than the right jacket that will keep you warm on the slopes. When considering what to bring for a ski trip the jacket can make all the difference. 

2. Hand Warmers

This simple must have for your ski trip will keep your hands and toes warm all day long. No matter how cold the weather gets you’ll be all set with this accessory. Even if you are wondering what to pack for a one day ski trip, don’t skip the hand warmers! 

3. Swimsuits

You may not think to bring your swim gear for a trip to the mountains, but often times rental houses and resorts offer great hot tub and spa accommodations. 

4. Headphones

Hitting the slopes is fun solo or with friends but during runs music is a great way to enhance the experience. Bone induction headphones are a great way to not have to fumble with your gloves every time you need to talk to someone. 

5. Gloves

The key to a great ski day or weekend is keeping your extremities warm and dry. With waterproof gloves you’ll have no problem spending hours on the hill. 

6. Games

What to pack for a family ski trip? Don’t forget some games for downtime. Apples to Apples never disappoints, no matter what age family you have. 

7. Leggings

 Base layers are vital for staying comfortable under your winter gear. A pair of leggings that don’t roll down and are easy to move in will allow for all day comfort. 

8. Thermals

What clothes to pack to pack for a ski holiday? Layers are key! A thermal will keep your core warm and is easy to move in to allow for a great ski day whether you are a beginner or hitting the jumps. 

9. Hats

Style (check), warmth (check), what else is there to know really? A good warm hat that looks great is a win-win for everybody. 

10. Warm Socks

Nothing is more important than keeping your toes warm and that comes from good circulation. Wondering the most important item to pack for a week ski holiday? Warm compression socks will be your best friend. 

Bottom Line On Packing For A Ski Trip

From what to pack for a ski weekend, what to pack for a 7 day ski trip, or what to pack for first ski trip, the above list will keep you warm and prepared for it all. Understanding what clothes to pack for a ski trip can be intimidating, but with our ski trip list essentials you will be hitting the slopes in style in no time. We’ve got you covered on everything but the ski pass! 

Amber Zakem

Amber Zakem has worked in the travel industry since 2014. Although, her love of travel began far before that. Amber grew up visiting cousins stationed throughout Europe and worked as an Au Pair in Germany for a year between High School and College. She started working at a local travel agency in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, after graduating from Central Michigan University. Amber began working for MAST Travel Network in 2016 and is the Social Media Specialist. She runs the MAST Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat and she teaches twice monthly webinars to travel agents on using social media to promote travel. Amber has continued her passion for travel and social media by also teaching a course at Moraine Valley Community College in their Hospitality program.