Are you looking to travel for your next birthday? Traveling out of town for your birthday can be one of the best ways to celebrate regardless of age. Whether you want to take that long bucket list trip you’ve always been dreaming of or just get away for the weekend, a birthday trip will always be something to remember. Especially if its with your friends or family! Below is a list of the best trip ideas for birthdays by decade. No matter what your age you will be sure to discover an amazing trip from these options.

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Best Trip Ideas for 21st Birthday

21st birthday trips rank as one of the best times to travel. What better way to celebrate becoming the legal age than going to Las Vegas or having a drink on the beach? Not to mention the destinations below have some of the best night life you can find.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva las Vegas! Do we need to say more? This is an obvious choice for a birthday celebration in your 20’s. Vegas is constantly opening some of the biggest and best bars and casinos in the world. You are sure to have one of the greatest birthday celebrations ever in a city that never sleeps.

Miami, Florida

Miami is great for watching the big game, going to brunch, or even renting a boat. Miami boasts with things to do for travelers turning 21. Make sure to check out some of the bar’s drink packages to save yourself some cash.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky known for the Urban Bourbon Trail would make your birthday celebration extra unique. This birthday trip is perfect for whiskey fans as it features some of Kentucky’s best distilleries. Enjoying an old fashioned for your birthday is a must on this trip.

Austin, Texas

As you might have heard, Austin, Texas is a city on the rise and for a good reason. Austin is a terrific destination to experience the outdoors, eat good food, and catch a concert. If going to a concert is in your birthday plans, Austin is highly recommended.

Best Trip Ideas For Birthdays In Your 30’s

Here are some of the best trip ideas for your 30th birthday or any birthday in your 30’s!

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a great destination for relaxing by the pool and enjoying all the wonderful views. If your are into golf this destination is for you. Palm Springs is home to multiple golf courses that have some of the best views in the nation.

Denver, Colorado

If you are a fan of baseball and would enjoy celebrating your birthday at a baseball game, Denver, CO is a perfect option. Coors field is located in the heart of downtown Denver, with one-of-a-kind views for the stadium and some of the best art you will see. So sit back, order a beer, and enjoy the game.


Hawaii should probably be on everyones birthday party bucket list. With plenty of hiking, zip-lining, kayaking and other fun activities, Hawaii is a no-brainer. The islands Maui, Kauai, and Oahu are all great islands to consider when planning your birthday trip.

South Africa

For the more adventurous, South Africa is a great destination to celebrate your 30th birthday. Featuring an abundance of sight-seeing and some of the most friendly people around, South Africa is sure to be a memorable trip for your big day.

Best Trip Ideas For Birthdays In Your 40’s

Check out these awesome destinations to visit for a 40’s birthday trip.

Jackson Hole, WY

For music lovers, Jackson Hole is great place to catch a concert for your birthday. Boasting with several unique music venues like the Silver Dollar Showroom, The Mangy Moose, and the Center for the Arts, there are plenty of options for live music. On top of that, Jackson Hole has wonderful views of different types of wildlife and the Tenton Mountain Ranges.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Known for some of the best beaches in the world and spectacular scuba diving, Cabo makes the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend time on the water. Consider booking your stay at a resort for this trip as Cabo San Lucas has some of the most beautiful and all-inclusive resorts out there. Make sure to tell your hotel or resort staff that it’s your birthday as they may do something special!

Phoenix, Arizona

Soak up the sun and enjoy the heat in Arizona. A long-time favorite of many travelers, Phoenix Arizona is great for golfing, watching baseball, and visiting the various desert botanical gardens. This trip is perfect to take if your birthday falls during the winter months where there is snow!

Santorini, Greece

Another bucket-list worthy destination, Santorini is a spectacular city. If you want your birthday trip to feature luxury hotels, picture-perfect scenery, and some of the best Mediterranean food you will ever eat, this is the destination for you.

Best Trip Ideas For Birthdays In Your 50’s

Check out these awesome destinations to visit for a birthday in your 50’s!

Denali National Park, Alaska

Traveling to National Parks for your birthday is something you may forget to consider, but a great option to say the least. If you want to go big for your birthday, consider traveling to Denali National Park in Alaska. Featuring over 6 million acres of Alaskan wildlife you will be sure to enjoy some incredible views and take in the unique experience that Alaska offers.

Kenya, Africa

If it’s your first time looking to go on a safari for you birthday consider Kenya! Kenya offers some of the most unique and diverse wildlife to see on the planet. Kenya has a wide variety of places to stay as well. From camping to lodges, your stay will be truly unique. And a bonus is you can celebrate on the beach after your long day out on a safari.

The Maldives

Travel to this picture perfect destination for your birthday and have no regrets. Enjoy all of the best water activities for your birthday in the Maldives including canoeing, snorkeling, jet-skiing and fishing. This destination falls on this list for a reason as it is absolutely one of the best trip ideas for birthdays.

Lake Como, Italy

Best Trip Ideas for 60th Birthday

Here are some of the best trip ideas for birthdays in your 60’s.

Napa Valley, California

A top destination for relaxing and sipping wine, exploring Napa Valley for your 60th birthday is sure to be a good time. Napa Valley has over 370 wineries you can get a tasting from. If you are a wine-lover and haven’t been to this destination yet, there is no better time to go!

Florida Keys & Key West

What’s better than the most southern point of the continental U.S. for a beach birthday party? Enjoy the clear water, eat great food, and have a few drinks in the popular Florida Keys. The Florida Keys also has great festivals to attend like the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival and Hemingway Days.


One of the more unique destinations on the list, Nantucket is a great destination for summer beer gardens, sailing, and free, open beaches. If your looking for a calm and relaxing birthday this year, consider Nantucket.

Sicily, Italy

If sight seeing is a must for your birthday, Sicily is a great choice. Here you can see a variety of historic and magnificent cathedrals, temples, and churches. Some of the famous ones include the Monreale Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. Agatha, Catania.

Spoiled With Options

Whether you are looking to find the beach, just relax, or go out, the world is your oyster for your next birthday celebration.

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