Welcome back MASTers of Travel, in this episode MAST Travel President and COO John Werner sits down with Celebrity Cruises Manager of Cruise Tours Program Brendan Halcomb to discuss Experiencing Alaska. In this episode John and Brendan go in-depth on why Alaska cruising is a phenomenal option for multigenerational travelers, adventure seekers, and even first time cruisers. Learn about why Celebrity Cruises sets the bar for Alaska cruising, as well as the best times to sail, what to pack, and what you’ll see on this bucket list trip.

Key Points Mentioned In The Podcast

  • People’s “must-have’s” on an Alaska tour embody one or all of the following: wilderness, wildlife, mountains, and glaciers 

  • Alaska can be visited in short 7 day stays but the longer you stay the more in-depth the experience can be 

  • Weather in Alaska tends to be cooler on the coast and warmer in the interior with more extremes in weather 

  • During Alaska Cruising season (May-September) you will have more sunlight as you go north due to the Summer solstice 

  • Cruising in May or September can offer fewer people as it is not peak season 

  • Cruising in June is salmon spawning season so more bear activity and summer solstice 

  • Finding out what is most important to your clients will better help you direct them in choosing a cruise route and itinerary for them 

  • 20 years ago Alaska cruising was considered a once in a life time experience, now people want to have more experiences like this with multigenerational families 

  • Alaska is now one of the strongest first to cruise destinations due to the complications of getting around Alaska on your own – many people choose cruising at it includes everything they want to see and due in an easy itinerary 

  • Celebrity is unlike other cruise lines because of design, dining, entertainment and new luxury experiences — this is in contrast to the rugged day time experiences you will get in Alaska 

  • What to pack? It’s all about layers and comfortable shoes in Alaska to make you ready for all types of weather and terrain