In this week’s episode MAST President and COO John Werner sits down with the staff of Cary Travel Express, Cary, Illinois to discuss five trips that their travel advisors took in the last year with Avanti Destinations. Explore Costa Rica with Dana Prichard, traverse Manchester, Edinburgh and the Lake District of Scotland with CTE Owner Neelie Kruse, see Normandy, France with Jan Callahan, head to the sea with Cheryl Krueger in Croatia and end the episode with Gale Timmer in Italy. John focuses on the highlights of their trips, asking about the unexpected, which travelers would be suited for each destination, and finds out the top highlights of each area. 

Key Points Mentioned In The Podcast

  1. Avanti Destinations does it right — from transfers, to accommodations, local guides, and more, this is a supplier both travel advisors and clients love 
  2. Costa Rica offers a host of climates from mountains, beach, and jungles, seeing more than one will enhance your trip to the Central American destination 
  3. Manchester is an often-overlooked travel location, but it is not to be missed. From culture to food, it is a beautiful city that offers something for all types of travelers 
  4. The small towns leading to Normandy are unrivaled for their beauty, this type of trip would be for lovers of World War 2 history 
  5. Croatia is a country where you want to move around. Don’t stay in one spot as each town has something unique to offer all travelers 
  6. The Italian riviera is full of medieval history and regional foods all its own, expect more seafoods here as opposed to traditional pastas