We’re exploring the unique ways various countries celebrate their versions of Thanksgiving. As we know in the U.S., Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey, family reunions, and football. Rooted in historical harvest festivals, it’s a day for gratitude, marked by lavish meals and the famous Macy’s parade. Let’s tour Thanksgivings around the World!


Celebrated on the second Monday in October, Canadian Thanksgiving aligns with the European tradition of harvest festivals. The holiday includes similar foods to the American Thanksgiving but often features regional dishes like salmon or butter tarts. It’s a time for Canadians to give thanks for the bountiful harvest and to enjoy the spectacular fall colors that adorn the country.


In Grenada, Thanksgiving Day is observed on October 25th, commemorating the anniversary of the 1983 U.S. military intervention. It’s a national holiday marked by formal ceremonies, parades, and cultural events. The Grenadian Thanksgiving table often features local delicacies like oil down, a flavorful stew made with breadfruit, salted meat, and coconut milk.


Erntedankfest, the German version of Thanksgiving, is celebrated predominantly in rural areas on the first Sunday of October. The festival includes church services, parades, and music, with a focus on giving thanks for the year’s harvest. The celebration often includes the crowning of a harvest queen, and food plays a significant role, with a spread of autumnal produce and regional specialties.


Kinrō Kansha no Hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on November 23rd, is a national holiday in Japan. It originated from ancient harvest festival rituals. Today, it is more about celebrating labor, production, and thanking one another for their work throughout the year. It is marked by labor organization-led festivities and children creating crafts and gifts for local police officers.


While the U.S. and Canada are most famous for their Thanksgiving celebrations, it’s clear that the spirit of gratitude and harvest is a global affair. Each country adds its unique flavor to this tradition of thankfulness, creating a beautiful example of cultural diversity and unity.

As we indulge in our local or travel-inspired Thanksgiving feasts, let’s remember the universal sentiment behind this day – gratitude for the bounties and blessings of life, a sentiment that knows no borders. Happy travels and happy Thanksgiving, wherever you may be celebrating!

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